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The Militech division specializes in the development and assimilation of innovative and special training products and facilities on demand for the defense and military industries

The design and development of the products in this division is carried out in close collaboration between the expert teams of the Eurotec Group and the safety officers and senior operational officers of the security forces and the army

The Division's products enable complex field training while simulating real-time situations
And provide real-time solutions in the  field

:Among the solutions developed by the division

Fitness equipmentMobile safety surfaces for field activity
Surfaces for takeoff and landing for helicopters

Landing surfaces and the sight of UAVs / UAV
Special surfaces for noncoms and warheads
Innovative developments such as a special cleaning cloth for optics, MIRL - padding for ambush, special products for insulation and absorption
And more
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Adapts the product to specific requirements
(The fastest service in Israel (because we have huge inventory and full-time installers
The best raw materials on the market
Innovative Solutions - Our experts do not stop inventing products that customers love
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